Solar Maintenance


A solar PV system requires very little maintenance or servicing.  However issues do come up like blown fuses, squirrel damage, falling tree damage, ground faults (water), etc…

Also, a lot of older systems are reaching their service life time, especially older inverters.  When “that” time comes, please call us at 510-868-0564 (x114).

We offer a repair and maintenance service.  We charge $130 a visit for the 1st 4 hours.

Our maintenance side can assist in,

  • Cleaning panels (recommended 1 year)
  • Service check (inspection to see if things are running correctly)

Our repair side can assist you with following issue,

  • Changing out your old inverter
  • Replacing a broken module
  • Repair damage from critters

NEW Re-Roofing and Solar Service!  Please call Javier at 510-868-0564 x 114.

  • Remove existing PV array and conduit
  • Work with your roofer to schedule footing installation
  • Re-install the PV array and conduit (if need be up to new codes) after roof is in
  • Re-start system